Monday, July 3, 2017

Magic in writing

I recently told a friend, "I am not ready to send out my writing because I haven't achieved the level of 'magic' that I know I am capable of."
It was an off-the-cuff remark. I wasn't expecting to say it, and it is certainly true that I believe my current work does not reflect the depth or spark that I feel when I visualize a story. Still, there was something about the conversation, and my knee-jerk statement, that bothered me. It still irks me, and I just discovered what it is.


I suspect that I am afraid not of my ability to feel that a work is complete, but that it might be the old writer's nemesis, rejection. Could it be that simple? Am I just afraid that my work won't be well received?

Magic or no, I intend to use this blog to work through these fears. I will share what magic I have achieved.

Writing that I am not afraid of:

  • Essays and other Academic writing (after 7 years in college no one should be afraid of these?)
  • Lesson plans, quizzes, assignments, etc. 
  • Emails, memos, tutorials, instructions, things technical
  • Texts, social media posts, friendly communique 

Writing that I am afraid of:

  • Anything requiring both creativity and honesty
  • Everything else

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